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COST Action FP1404 - Fire Safe Use of Bio-Based Building Products


FIRE SAFETY JOURNAL 2017 - Special Issue - Final Deadline 22-April-2017

Further information below.



Status of Payments




Payments meetings 2016: Completed

Claims to be uploaded by participants: Meeting in Zurich Mar 2017

Claims pending: Meeting in Prague Feb 2017

Problems with e-cost slow down the process of recording TRR. We will update status of payments as soon as TRR Prague are recorded for payment.

Grant holder manager at ETH:



Please follow general author's instruction and submission process at FISJ. Your submission will be automatically treated as COST special Issue in case the paper's topic is in line with the requested topics. For submission please use the "old submission system", instructions below.


  • manuscript: double space, Times New Roman
  • avoid colour figures
  • to be listed by COST as an official outcome, your paper should have authors from at least two countries (COST is a networking project)
  • the COST Association/COST FP1404 should be acknowledged in the paper.

Submit your manuscript to EES (, use "Submit New Manuscript" button. After proceeding to “Link To ORCID” page, please click the “Continue” button. Then, select the “SI: Wood Buildings and Fire” option to submit the manuscript to this special issue.



MC and TG Meetings in Prague - Newsletter available

Experts from 27 countries participated and discussed actual topics with respect to design, regulations and physics.



WG2/TG4 and WG2/TG5 Expert meeting in Tallinn

19 European Experts met in Estonia to discuss news on the separating function in fire.

Presenation covered the behaviour of gypsum plasterboards in fire and simulation possibilities (contribution GR). Further, their the implemantation of the protection behaviour was presented (contribution EST). Intense discussion followed a presentation about an ongoing PhD thesis dealing with the classification of insulation (contribution EST, IT) and shrinkage of bio-based insulation (contribution GER). Clay plaster as fire protection was discussed (contribution EST) and the use of cone heaters for fire resistance estimations (conribution IT), Phase Change Materials (contribution GR) and new testing facilities (contribution CZ). About 30% of the experts participating in the expert meeting were female, ca. 45% PhD students.




New budget for GP5 (2017-05-01 to 2018-04-30) was set by COST to 151k€

The COST Association set the budget for the next 12 month period to 151.000 Euro.

  • The budget will be used for STSM, meetings and dissemination activities.
  • 151k€ corresponds to 75% of the total budget used so far.
  • TG leaders will propose activities to allow continuation of joint work on our documents (guidelines, journal papers,....).
  • The Work and Budget Plan (WBP) will be discussed at the MC meeting in Prague, 2nd of February 2017.
mid term


Mid-term of COST Action FP1404

The COST Action FP1404 started 2 years ago on the 4th of December 2014.

  • The budget the EU/COST spent on our topic was about 200.000 Euro.
  • The Action formed 15 Task Groups and drafted about 130 documents.
  • The Action attracted over 200 experts from 30 European countries and established international contacts.
  • The Action exchanged 8 researchers.
  • The mid-term report is available for members at the internal section (LINK): N102-00.


Available positions at the National University of Ireland, Galway

With respect to the content of the following positions, COST Action FP 1404 would like to announce:

Expert meeting of COST action FP1404 "Fire safe use of timber concrete composite structures – WG2/TG2" in Ljubljana

WG2/TG2 meeting 15th and 16th November 2016

The meeting was attended by 9 participants from 6 countries, representing universities and research institutes. Experiments and numerical studies were presented, with the following discussion focused on calculation methods of TCC elements in fire and therein required parameters, appropriate for implementation in standards. Agenda for the meeting and meeting information: LINK (N108) (PDF, 398 KB)

A State of the Art overview will be presented soon.


Proceedings available: COST FP1404 at WCTE 2016 in Vienna

The Mini-Sympoisium MS4-08 was organized by COST FP1404. We thank all contributing authors, reviewers and session chairs. In total six sessions were organized by COST FP1404. The proceedings with all 24 papers from presentations held in the mini sympsium MS4-08 can be found in the proceedings: (1.2 GB): LINK



Meetings of Groups "Separating function" and "Contribution to fire"


WG1/TG4 and WG2/TG4 & WG2/TG5 meeting in Tallinn, Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th December 2016

WG2/TG4 & WG2/TG5

  • WG2/TG4 & WG2/TG5 will meet Monday (09:00-16:00) and Tuesday (9:30-12:00)
  • Invitations with an online registration will be sent to all TG members.
  • Further experts may contact the TG leader to contribute at the meeting.
  • Agenda for the meeting and meeting information: LINK (N104) (PDF, 382 KB)


  • WG2/TG4 & WG2/TG5 will meet Monday (09:00-16:00) and Tuesday (9:30-12:00)
  • Invitations with an online registration will be sent to all TG members.
  • Further experts may contact the TG leader to contribute at the meeting.

Money not yet transferred to ETH accounts


Although the GH ship has been shifted to ETH, the money still has not arrived in ETH accounts. We are awaiting the money and will start with payments of claims that have been handed in as soon as the money is here. We will keep you updated when the status changes.

Grant holder manager at ETH:


Change of Grantholdership completed


The shift of the GH ship to ETH is completed. Invitations have been sent out this week. We try to send out the payments as soon as possible, but we also ask for understanding that payments can only be performed when all participants have finalized their claims. We estimate that the payments will be made mid November.

Grant holder manager at ETH:


Change of Grantholdership nearly finalized


The shift of the GH ship to ETH is proceeding, at the moment we got access to e-cost, our managing tool. Inviations will be up do date latest 2016-10-14. We ask for understanding that payments can only be performed when all participants have finalized their claims and COST has transfered the money to ETH which is expected for mid November.

Grant holder manager at ETH:


Coordination of harmonization of CLT productcs at meeting of CEN/TC127

To plan further cooperation within WG2/TG1, at the Munich meeting (2016-09-15) further activites will be discussed and details for the following meeting in Zurich (2017-03-23 and 24) will be discussed. Details were sent by email (2106-05-18), industry partners got an invitation to this meeting.

Contacts: (TG leader) or (host)



First Training School of COST Action FP1404 at the University of Edinburgh - 3rd to 5th of October, 2016

This TS will explore the issues around fire safety of buildings in which the structure if formed of bio based materials. The TS will focus on the underlying fire science and implications for the building structure. Speakers include Guillermo Rein (Imperial College London), Ulf Wickstrom (Lulea University), Rory Hadden and Luke Bisby (University of Edinburgh).

There are two days of ‘classroom’ activities including topics of heat transfer in timber, pyrolysis modelling and structural design. Lab classes will cover topics of compartment fire dynamics and structure response. The final day will allow you to present your work and receive comments from the Training School Teachers. One important aspect is that you will be expected to spend time on your presentation reflecting on how what you have learned in the Training School will impact on your research.

To confirm your attendance and/or apply for travel support please complete the webform at this link before 12 September 2016: LINK

Important Information:

  • The Training School can only run if at least 20 students are confirmed.
  • Students recieving travel support have to have an e-cost account
  • Students will receive €300 towards long distance travel and €300 towards accommodation and incidental costs for attending all 3 days. (Note: UK Students will receive only €300.)
  • Confirmation of acceptance will be issued by 13 September 2016.
  • Please note that you are responsible for arranging your own travel and accommodation (after receiving Confirmation of Acceptance). 
  • When you have confirmed attendance you will receive Joining Instructions with practical information.
  • A maximum of 2 students per country can be funded by the COST Action bit more are permitted provided travel and accommodation are covered.
  • A total of 25 funded places are available allocated on a first come, first serve basis.


Task Group meetings in Poznan, Poland, 29th to 30th of August 2016

Faculty of Wood Technology, Poznan University of Life Sciences, hosted the first TG meetings in Poland and of WG1/TG4 and WG3/TG2&TG4. The TG leaders presented the individual work plan where experts still can sign up for joint work, e.g. journal publications. Core of the TG meeting was a Think Tank where recent research questions were discussed. Further, in a STSM special session the recent eight STSMs were presented.

The minutes will be available online soon.


Change of Grantholdership


Due to reorganisation at SP the Grantholdership will be moved to ETH Zurich. COST, SP and ETH are working hard to minimize effects on members and participants of the Action and apologize for any inconvenience. The GP3 had to be terminated and in beginning of August the new WBP for the new GP will be re-encoded. For a limited time it will not be possible to send e-cost invitations for our activities. ETH asks for your understanding for the troubles which may cause delays for invitations and processing of travel claims.

Grant holder manager at ETH: Johanna Saladin-Michel


WG1/TG1 - To all experts: Survey of thermal properties


To collect data of thermal properties, e.g. Heat Release Rates, Emissivity..., WG1/TG1 would like to collect information about products and material tested. Please use this LINK to answer the few questions.


WG3/TG3 - Survey for designers


We are seeking designers' opinions on the use of timber and other bio-based building materials, and have created a short survey (<5min) to gather these views throughout Europe and further afield. As the level of timber construction increases, it is important that both the correct research and relevant upgrading of codes and standards is undertaken. Please use this LINK to answer the few questions.


Grant Period 3 - Deliverables for Work Program released

Work Program of Task Groups available

  • TG specific list of Deliveralbes are now available, please go to the individual TG page under "about" for the list of Deliverables.
  • Experts are asked to sign up for Deliverables in order to participate in the work of the TGs.
  • Experts are further asked to sign up for the TGs using this link:
  • Please note that the Deliverables have indicataters, e.g. b3. The indicaters shall be used in the future together with the TG number whenever you sign up for a TG meeting.
  • Without performing a Deliverable, we are not able to fund your travel to any of our activities.
  • The list of Deliverables will be continiously updated.
  • For questions, please contact the specific TG leader.

Past Events

Below a short overview of our recent activities. Further details under "Dates and Events". Link

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